6.9. Working with large projects

There are some interesting features of pyke that makes it suitable for both small and huge projects with hundreds of components.

In this section you will find some useful functions that will help you to structure and work on big projects.

6.9.1. Components or subprojects?

Before continuing with this section, it is worth mentioning a difference you can make when building projects with pyke. You can build big projects with lots of components where each of the components has its own build file but are part of a bigger general project, or build big projects with lots of subprojects where each subproject can be built as an independent project or as a part of the bigger project.

The main difference is that a subproject can be built as an independent project, while a component is a part of a project but building it independently makes no sense.

Don’t worry too much about this if you are building a small or medium project. This might be useful for big projects, but it is good to keep it in mind to structure your code in the future.

When in doubt, use components.


To be continued... (add a project that builds two independent applications, and show how every app can be built independently with their own master file)

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